Heera Mandi Is The New Dessert Place

Yes… It is Heera Mandi!!!

Sweet Tooth,after showing its magic in the beautiful mountains of Hunza,is now going to open up a new branch at Heera Mandi,Lahore.

The master mind,Umer Hussain,never fails to disappoint.This time he took one of the major step to break the stereotype.

The owner of Sweet Tooth,Mr.Umer Hussain

Here is what Umer said after announcing the new location of Sweet Tooth

ย โ€œHeera Mandi โ€“ itโ€™s a name you are probably too shy and reluctant to take! A journey from Ba-Adab to Bay-Adab.”

The out look of the branch

There is another surprise too…The menu will be inspired by the food street.Lahori spicy and cultural food is going to be served!

Sweet Tooth recently launched its ‘Shake Pilai‘ for the wedding season

Sweet Tooth is the modern saali

This overloaded shake will for sure make dulha bhaiย empty his pocket.

Let’s have a look on the unique projects of Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth Mushkpuriย 

This sizzler brownie is what a sweet lover needs

Sweet Tooth Mushkpuri,runs all year around.The heaviest snow fall of December had to bow infront of the spirit of Sweet Tooth workers.There is nothing that can stop them to win the game

A huge number of tourists stop over to dig into the sizzler brownie and sip coffee at Mushkpuri Sweet Tooth.

Sweet Tooth Hunzaย 

This chocolate shake and the breathtaking view is a treat for the tourists.Sweet Tooth Hunza was not an easy game,the shortage of sources and unfavourable weather conditions had to be kicked of to bring this idea to practice

Sweet Tooth is a home for celebrities too

Sheikh Rasheed boosting his energy just before the jalsa
The gorgeous Mominaย Mustehsan jamming at Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth Heera Mandi is all ready to face all those ‘hawย haye’ in their unique style

Sweet Tooth Heera Mandi will make the lahories relive the Shahi Muhala of Mughal Era,the centre of art,food,culture,music and DESSERT now.