Mango Desserts

Pakistan undoubtedly has the best mangoes in the world. We have a wide range of mangoes grown in Punjab which are exported to more than 100 countries due to its best quality.

Here are few of the east and delicious desserts that you need to make this summer.

Mango trifle

Mangoes – Cubed

Whipping Cream – 2 cups

Caster Sugar – 4 tbsp

Prepared custard – 1 cup

Mango Pudding – 1/2 cup

Vanilla Essence – a few drops

Vanilla pound cake

Mango wafers – 12

Mango juice – 1 cup


Chill the whipping cream and beat with it until soft peaks. Add icing sugar and few drops vanilla essence to it.

Layer your dish with slices of pound cake and soak them with mango juice. Fold in 1/2 cup whipped cream in Mango pudding and pour over the cake bass. Add few finely chopped chunks of Mango, should be smaller in size. Make another layer with Mango wafer and pour custard over it. Layer with Mango chunks and top with whipped cream.

Add Mango chunks on top and pop it in refrigerator and chill. Serve it when chilled.

Mango Puffs

Store brought pastry dough – 4 sheets

Butter – 1 tbsp

Sugar – 4 tbsp

Sweetened Whipped Cream – 1 cup

Mango chunks/ purรฉe – 2 cups


Roll the pastry sheets into small squares and place in a baking tray lined with parchment paper. Mix butter and sugar and brush on the squares and bake in the oven for 10-12 minutes on 180 degrees or until the pastry rises and turns brown.

Cool the bakes crispy puffs. Add Mango purรฉe or chunks on it and top with chilled whipped cream and enjoy.

Homemade Mango ice cream

Mango purรฉe – 1 cup

Mango chunks finely chopped – 1 cup

Whipped Cream – 2 cup

Condensed Milk – 1 cup


Add condensed milk to the whipped cream. Use Olpers cream since it is easy to whip and rich. Add Mango purรฉe and mix with a hand beater. Fold in Mango chunks and pour in an airtight container. Add some Mango purรฉe on top and make swirls.

Freeze it and serve when it hard. Enjoy your homemade rich and creamy ice cream.

Mango Curd

Pureed mangoes – 1 cup

Lemon Juice – 1 Tsp

Sugar – 150 grams

Eggs – 3

Butter – 3 tbsp


In a double boiler add 3 eggs, sugar, lemon juice and half cup purred mangoes and mix thoroughly. Keep on stirring until the curd thicken.

Take off from flame add butter and mix. When butter melts add pureed mangoes and chill. This mango curd can be stored in the refrigerator for more 2-3 weeks. Enjoy it in breakfast with pancakes or French toast or add them to your dessert.

All these recipes are 100% fail proof.Pictures are taken from the internet for reference.

Do give our recipes a try and let us know in the comment section below how helpful were these to you.