Myne’s Cakery, Heaven For Ice Cream And Nutella Lovers

Mahreen Umar with her amazing creation on a morning TV show

Myne’s cakery, is a home based business run by Mahreen Umar (Myne). Myne lived in abroad for few years but her love for Pakistan brought her back to her land. She is a multi talented lady, with having experience in beauty consultancy from abroad. Her kind and friendly nature had made her centre of attraction in a lot of events including Coke Food Feast. Myne had also been honored to deliver a motivational session in FC and have been called upon by morning shows and radio session to speak up for her work. Her success stories are never ending let’s began with her amazing products

This magical lady has shown her magic in ice cream making. She has a list of amazing and premium flavors including Nutella Swirl, Lindth, Oreo, Cottan Candy, After Eight, Strawberry, Vanilla Classic and many others. The rich and unique flavor is what makes her ice cream stand out. The best part is that she never compromises with ingredients. It is stated that she uses high and premium quality ingredients for her cakes and ice creams. She makes hundreds of litre ice creams every week and adds sparkles to people’s life. Her ice creams are on shelf of Dessert Directory,a dessert cafe located in Y block DHA, Lahore.

After Eight Ice Cream, perfect combination of chocolate and mint
Dark Chocolate Ice cream
Nutella Swirl

Myne’s Double Nutella Cake is another hit of Myne’s Cakery. I remember digging in to her Nutella cake and was lost for a while. The moist Nutella sponge with a rich thick layer of Nutella buttercream and Nutella ganache on top. Nutella thrice in this line just made me crave for it again.

Drooling over that dripping Nutella Ganache

If anyone of you doesn’t find Nutella in grocery ranks raid myne’s cakery. They get countless supply of Nutella Jars every week. And guess what? They do have Nutella Dessert Jar on their menu. It has 11 different layers of Nutella dessert and cake paired up with rich fillings in the Jar. Yessss dessert in a jar

Nutella Dessert Jar,how stopper at Coke Food Fest 2018

Myne’s cakery has amazing cakes with finest buttercream details. Their piping skills are excellent with the tiniest of detail sketched to perfection. Their fondant toppers are very delicate too. Double Nutella and bounty is their most seller flavor for customized cakes.

Neatness level on point
Mermaid Themed Cake
This Cookie Monster Cupcake is too cute to eat

Myne’s Cakery is one of the top sellers at Dessert Directory. A lot of people love to drive to DHA after dinner to enjoy their dessert time

The owner of Dessert Directory, Khadija Shafqat posing with Myne’s customized cupcakes for New Years
Close up of the New Years Cupcake This snowman fondant topper is so adorable

Myne’s Cakery has been doing dessert and cupcakes classes. The lady believes in spreading her knowledge and teaching her skills with honesty, just not keeping to herself. Myne’s cakery did conduct their class in Islamabad and got an amazing response

Myne Umar with her Morning show hosts

Endless recipe request for her Nutella cake made her launch her own cake mix which she uses for her famous double Nutella cake. Such a nice gesture. If she cannot provide recipe she did provide the cake mix for her people to enjoy and experiment on their own.

Myne’s Cake Mix

One platter is another platform where she shares her recipes and have done video tutorials for her followers. People have been trying her Alfredo Pasta recipe oven a year now and have loved her fail proof recipe.

One Platter’s cover featuring the very talented Myne Umar

Myne’s Cakery is my favorite place to order ice cream and cake.

Get it on your hit list too. Visit there and post your review in comments.

We wish Myne’s Cakery all the success in this world.


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