Snickers Mcflurry – Such A Disappointment It Is!!

MC Donald’s just launched their Snickers Mcflurry and wow they have been successful enough to show the world that they have an amazing media team. A head bow to the photography skills and an applause for the editing team πŸ‘πŸ»

So I just got fooled by the attractive picture that has been all around the billboards and went on to try Snickers Mcflurry.

After placing the order I just waited anxiously for my Just to perfect to have Snickers Mcflurry. I just can’t stop thinking about the creamy thick ice cream topped with nuts, caramel sauce, and Snickers chunks. This had already built a taste back in my buds And as soon as I got my Mcflurry I was hit back by disappointment. It did not look at all like the owns being promoted. Anyways, with a heavy heart, I went on to taste it and soon after my second bite I realized that I have successfully wasted my 360.

This picture is our personal media

I was so saddened that I just couldn’t get over how easily these food big chains cheat their customers. Just because McDonald’s is an established International brand they don’t get a right to launch a low-quality product, which looks a huge thing in pictures and is just too ordinary in real.

This picture is taken from google for reference

Me being a loyal customer of McDonald’s who always found McDonald’s as my comfort is in so sorrow that how can they even do this to their customers.

What they advertise



What they giveΒ 

It’s time for all of us to stand up and speak for our right. We need a food chain with high-quality food because we are paying them for the premium quality.