The End of Karachi’s Beloved Do Darya

Amongst the many things that karachites are proud of, good food and the sea are always on top and Do Darya had the right combination of both. This Strip of Restaurants that stood on top of the shoreline and overlooked the ocean, was a must-see spot for tourists and karachites alike. The cozy atmosphere and the open balconies of the restaurants where you could enjoy amazing desi, grilled and BBQ cuisine and feel the ocean breeze on your face as you watched seagulls flying above the ocean water and the fishing boats sailing afar – this place had it all.

But Alas DHA authorities announced the demolition of this beautiful place and asked the restaurants there to shut down their businesses from June. This announcement was followed by a public outrage on social media and karachites and non-karachites both were heartbroken to hear that they were about to lose one of the most popular and scenic eateries in the city. People started the #SaveDoDarya all over twitter and wrote about how much this place meant to them.

Speculations were made by residents in DHA about why the closure had been announced and some claimed that DHA wanted the land cleared for the construction of new high rise buildings while others said that the restaurant owners have been unable to renew their contracts for the land usage and are hence being told to clear out.

Demolished Do Darya

Recent images have been seen circulating online which show the deserted and demolished land of Do Dariya that was once lit up with beautiful lanterns and buzzing with people flocking in to watch the sunset as they ate by the sea


DHA has yet to make an official statement about their decision to evict the restaurants of Do Darya. So far they have not given any explanations to the Media or the Public. The sudden decision has been met with a lot of public furies. According to some News reports the official contracts for the food places at Do Dariya had been signed for only temporary basis and that now that it had ended DHA had the right to reclaim the land for its pre-planned usage. But since Do Darya had become such a landmark for Karachi, it is rather difficult to accept its end. One can only hope that DHA realizes how important the place had become for the people in the city and renews its contracts for the restaurants again, or at least releases an official explanation stating why it needs to destroy our beloved Do Darya.