How to Cope With Stress When You’re a Student

student life and stress
student life and stress

Always tired? Anxious and stressed? Never have enough time for yourself? If you nodded to all of these questions then you’ve got all the symptoms of ‘Being a Student’. Students are usually under a lot of pressure that can lead to stress which, if not managed well, can adversely affect one’s health. Here are some ways you can effectively cope with stress if you’re a student.

Get Organised


Organize your work and life
Organize your work and life

The main reason why students are always so stressed is that most of us tend to leave work and assignments pending. When your coursework gets piled up and you sit down at the last minute to do things you end up getting over-stressed. Try to organize your schedule and don’t keep delaying your assignments and course works.

Get Enough Sleep


Get proper sleep

Never skip your sleep no matter how tempting it may be. Staying up at night can cause your anxiety levels to rise significantly. Being sleep deprived during the day makes you unable to perform well during your classes and leads to higher levels of stress.

Keep a Journal


Write down everything in a personal journal
Write down everything in a personal journal

Although it may seem odd writing things down helps you take out some of your stress too. When you pen down your thoughts your mind calms down and becomes less cluttered with all your problems. It also allows you to reflect on the events that occur every day so you can improve and manage your time better and stress over things less.

Take Out Time For An Outdoor Activity


Go out and forget your worries
Go outdoors and forget your worries for a while

Take out at least an hour every day to go outside and either take a small walk in a park or ride a bicycle. Taking part in a physical activity in the fresh air and a beautiful scenery can dramatically reduce your stress levels and allow you to forget your worries of the day for a while.

Drink Chamomile Tea


Chamomile tea
Chamomile tea helps calm the nerves

Chamomile tea is known for the calming and soothing effect it has on the nerves. When the stress becomes too overwhelming or you find it harder to fall asleep at night just drink a cup of this soothing tea. It not only helps in better blood circulation but also allows you to sleep more easily.