Keto Diet

Its march already. The turned page of calendar was welcomed by rain. This is that time of year when most of people decide to shed back all those extra pounds they have gained after having hareesa with kulchas, gajjar halwa topped with khoya and dry fruits, doodh jaleebi and what not!!!!

A lot of those dedicated souls are trying Keto Diet. It is a low-carb diet, during this our body gets energy through ketones that are produced in our liver. Ketones helps to breakdown fats in the liver. The scale is dropped due to a restricted supply of carbohydrates to the body instead of calorie cut down.

The list of food allowed in keto diet do makes one to think that is it a diet or a treat. This fancy diet plan allows to consume Cheese, Cream, Eggs, Meat, Poultry, Coconut Oil, Fish, Low carb vegetables, Greek yogurt and the list goes ON.

Not just that this diet is effective moreover, it gives advantage of having delicious food even if you are out with your friends. You don’t only have to eat caesar salad , you can scroll and order more than this while by enjoy comments about reduced weight from your fellow friends.
Are you on it?