How to Wear Heels Painlessly

Wear Heels Painlessly

There’s a reason we all call them killer heels. Heels can make you look super chic and powerful but you often end up with blisters, bruises and searing pain in your feet by the end of the day. yikes! Ever wondered how these celebrities even walk around so effortlessly in heels? If you want to know then read on because we are about to disclose some brilliant hacks and tricks most professionals use to make wearing heels less painful!

Thicker Heels

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If you want to rock a pair of cute heels but the thought of high pencil heels is too terrifying for you then worry not. Thicker heels don’t just feel more comfortable to walk in but also make your whole outfit look complete. Strappy thick heels in nude or pastel color tones are definitely a must buy!

Tape or Band-Aid

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One genius hack to avoid getting your ankles scraped or having blisters on your feet is to layer your feet with some paper tape or band-aid. layering tape on the back of your ankles and on your toes can help avoid bruising and blisters that are caused by prolonged contact with the insides of your heels.

Shorter Heels

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Who says you have to wear 7-inch heels to look fabulous. Short heels are super cute and look really chic when you pair them with your jeans. Not only are they easier to walk in but they also don’t look over-the-top fancy for a semi-formal event. Plus they are perfect for a shopping day out or just walking around campus and won’t make your feet too cranky after a long day!

Block Heels

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Block heels are a blessing to woman-kind, to be honest. Block heels add an extra platform under your feet and hence are so safe and comfortable to strut about in. And let’s not forget how super sexy your legs look with them on. Block heels come in about every design you can think of and are a perfect addition to any summer look.

Straps for Support

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Straps on heels don’t just look really adorable but also give you extra support when you walk on heels. Ballet style straps look so pretty and elegant on pastel and pink heels. Pair your strappy shoes with a cute dress and you are sure to be the highlight of any event.

Size is Important

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When it comes to wearing heels, size is crucial. Never go for a size that is too tight especially when you buy pumps. Sometimes it even helps to buy one size above your normal shoe size so that your toes and your ankle can have some space and don’t get scraped by the edges.

Open Toe Heels

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Pumps look so elegant on your feet but they often cause blisters in between your toes which can be painful when your feet get squeezed from the front in them. For more comfort try opting for open toe heels with slim straps. This way you have to deal with fewer blisters and it’s less painful to walk when your feet have more open space to adjust.