Worst Dressed Celebrities at The Lux Style Awards 2018

While everyone is traumatized with the missteps of our favorite celebrities at the Hum Style Awards 2018, which took place at Toronto, I would like to remind them of the blunders made by the famous people of our industry at the red carpet of Lux Style Awards 2018 held in February at Lahore, Pakistan.

1. Sahifa Jabbar Khatak
The model turned actress won the award for the best emerging talent of the year but her choice of this weird dress for the award ceremony gave a very negative impact.

2. Meera Ji

The charcoal grey ensemble had too much going on!

3. Ali Xeeshan

We have no idea what was going on in the designer’s mind while dressing up for the ceremony.

4. Mawra Hocane

I think the little Hocane needs to hire a new stylist.

5. Hadiqa Kiani

The grey overall was a big NO and too informal for an event like LSA.