Load Wedding – A Movie with a Strong Message

Load Wedding is the latest romantic comedy by the FilmWala Production House and it’s safe to say we are not disappointed. The movie offers more than just an entertaining romantic comedy to its viewers. Although the name initially felt like a jab towards ‘load-shedding’, but the real reason its called Load wedding is because it highlights the burdens of desi weddings in our society. The movie focuses on many toxic social burdens that plague our culture, especially ‘Jhehez’ (dowry). Fahad Mustafa and Mehvish Hayat play the main couple in the movie and their on-screen chemistry is just amazing.

The Movie starts with Raja ( Fahad Mustafa) , a heartbroken young man fixing the lighting for a wedding where the love of his life Meeru ( Mehvish Hayat) is getting married to another man. Raja was in love with Meeru since he was a young boy but could never express his feelings to her until one day when he finally musters up the courage to tell her and is interrupted by the news of his father’s death , leaving him the only care taker of his house. Raja cannot marry until his sister Baby Baaji is married off and his mother ( played by the amazing Samina Ahmed ) is one very typical Brown Mom who is under a lot of pressure to marry her aging Daughter off as soon as possible but does not have the money to prepare enough ‘Jehez’.

Things take a turn when Meeru’s Husband dies on the wedding day and she returns as a widow and is shunned by society. Raja sees this as an opportunity and after several attempts he finally convinces Meeru of his Love. He then tries to commit suicide when his mother and sister bluntly refuse to accept Meeru because she is a Widow and call her a ‘Churail’ .

His suicide attempt finally forces his mother to accept Meeru and they get married but Baby Baaji is not happy and tries to ruin their relationship since she is still single and miserable. There’s a striking reality behind Baby’s charachter and the way she acts. All her life her mother measures her worth and value with her ability to get married or not and constantly criticizes her weight and looks. Baby represents every desi girl who has been fed this concept that the entire purpose of thier existence is to be married off one day , that is the only thing that will ever define them as successful.

Later Meeru gets invited to a Lottery winning game show hosted by Ashiq Rafaqat ( a parody of Amir Liaquat’s Game Show ) and the movie takes a few pretty obviousΒ  jabs at such game shows and how they exploit the needy people for their ratings. Interesting to note though that the main casted hero Fahad Mustafa himself hosts his own game show on TV. Hm we wonder if that was on purpose too ?



After winning a lot of home appliances, Meeru gives them all to Baby and things get better. Baby then gets a proposal but the groom and his family are greedy and keep demanding more things as dowry until one day Raja’s household gets robbed and in desperation he goes to the same game show and critisizes the Jehez system on live TV exposing his in-laws to be who refuse to marry Baby after that. Baby however is so done with all of this that she her self takes a stand and slaps her Greedy Groom. Ouch. Baby later gets happily married to Raja’s bestfriend who also happens to be the narrator of the story. Now thats cute.


The movie was well balanced. The songs are pretty great too. We see real adoring child-like love between Raja and Meeru. I mean how cute is Raja when he shuts down all the lighting at a wedding where Meeru was being told to leave the wedding because she would jinx the bride as she was widowed on her wedding day. Now thats called love. The Movie highlights some very disgusting cultural burdens that families with Daughters face when it comes to Dowry and how the society mistreats the widows and single girls who are not married off according to society’s timeline.


Load Wedding has everything from drama to Comedy and some very upbeat Punjabi songs that you’ll definitely enjoy so don’t miss it folks!