Raazi- A Daughter, A Wife, A Spy

A Daughter ,A Wife, A Spy

‘Raazi’ a recently released hit by Meghna Gulzar is a story about a spy. It features Alia Bhatt and Vicky Kaushal as the lead roles. The story of this movie is a variation of Harinder Sikka’s novel ‘Calling Sehmat’ which is based on true events.

The movie is about an Indian spy who is also a daughter and a wife. It is about an innocent girl who knows nothing about spying but becomes one.

So the story begins as Sehmat’s father who is an Indian but a very good friend of a Pakistani army officer. Sehmat’s father works as a spy for India but shows his friend that he is giving him information about India. In order to get major information Sehmat’s father decides to get her married to his friend’s son.

Cover of the song ‘Dilbaro’ This is predicted to be the next rukhsati song for the wedding season
Sehmat being the perfect wife

The major story begins here as Sehmat is trained as a spy and then married to a Pakistani army officer’s son. As soon as she reaches Pakistan, she according to the given instructions starts sending any information that she is able to get her hands on. However soon a loyal servant of the family gets to know the truth of Sehmat. Unwillingly Sehmat had to kill him by crushing him under a jeep.

Moving on while investigating about the death of the servant Sehmat’s brother-in-law starts having doubts on Sehmat due to which Sehmat was forced to kill him as well. During the stay Sehmat was able to send important information back to India regarding the way Pakistan was planning to attack. And due to this information India was able to win the war against Pakistan.

Few clicks that sums up Sehmat’s life in the movie

In the end of the movie Sehmat is taken back to India, but there she gets to know that she is pregnant and decides to keep the baby, as she could not kill anyone else.

‘Ae Watan’ a pure patriotic song

This movie tells us that there are many people who have sacrificed their lives for the sake of their country but they don’t have a name in the history. Every country should be proud of such people!

Don’t forget to watch this amazing hit!!