Sohai Ali Abro: The Motorcycle Girl

Sohai posing confidentially for the movie’s poster

Sohai Ali Abro’s new movie is set to hit cinema screen on 20th April .The movie “Motorcycle Girl” is based on the life of Zenith irfan who is famous for making a bike journey from Lahore to Khunjraab on the motorcycle.

Zeenat Irfan
Zeenat Irfan Enjoying Her Trip

The movie is constructed on true events from the life of Zenith Irfan a 21 year woman from Lahore who made a journey form Lahore to Pakistan –China border to fulfill the dream of his late father. This movie carries a strong message of women empowerment.

Some pictures of Zeinth Irfan’s journey 

China Boarder
Ruling the biker look to perfection
How beautiful does Zeinth look in this traditional kashmiri jewellry
Zeinth spreading smile and happines

Motorcycle Girl is written and directed by Adnan Sarwar who also directed the movie “Shah”. It is produced by Jami. The movie trailer is up till now getting positive reviews.
The movie shows how a girl breaks the stereotypes of the society. And makes a journey on his own. This promotes the idea of women empowerment. This idea is very close to the heart of the woman.

A shoot from the song ‘Urr Chally’ That feeling of accomplishment is priceless

The song Urr Chally of the movie has already gained the attention of the people and that is written Zulfi and sang by the famous Ali noor.

Such a breathtaking sunrise view

Sohai Ali abro is acknowledged and praised by the people for this character. As for this character she received bike training and accompanied Zenith Irfan on his journey for Lahore to kunjabrab during the shooting.

Sohai’s being typical unhappy bride

In the initial screen of the trailer we can see that Zenith Irfan husband to be is correcting her pronunciation of the word “khass”
After that showed his busy life. How she had to take buses and rickshaws to reach his office .Meanwhile during this she started to learn how to ride a bike and started going office on it.

A scene in the trailer shows his boss played by Sarmad Khoosat bashes him for using bike and scooter for coming to office as it is against the society stem.

The perfect triangle Mother,daughter and son

As supported by his mother Zenith Irfan sets the goal of fulling the dream of his father. She loses his self-esteem and starts to doubt herself. But then she gains confidence and starts the journey.

Tears of joy
This lady is a sweetheart
Such a helpful brother he is Sohai’s brother was her teacher,he taugth him how to ride bike flawlessly
Moves of success
Here is an off screen click from the shooting set

This movie can prove to be a life changer for Sohai Ali Abro as the amount of effort she has putted in this is remarkable. Her previous movies include are Jawani Phir nahi Ani by Nadeem Baig which was super doper hit .And Wrong Number directed by Yasir Nawaz that was also a hit. As being part of hit movies now we will see how the motorcycle girl gambles on the box-office.

Such a breathtaking sunrise view perfectly replicated

Superwomen Sohai with her dearest asset her motorcyle

Check out the trailer

Here is what Zeinth Irfan have to save about her journey