Teefa in Trouble: Breaking Box Office Records

Recently released movie ‘Teefa in Trouble’ turns out to have a sold out weekend. The amazing movie broke records and is officially declared as the biggest Pakistan movie on its opening day. The opening weekend was a complete SOLD OUT in Pakistan, Dubai, U.K., Qatar, Abu Dhabi and many other countries.

The film ranks on Rs2.31 Million on the opening day, breaking the records of Jawani Phir Nahi Ani. The second day rank is recorded to be Rs2.04 million. The movie is set to be the first Pakistani film conquering cinemas all around the globe.

Ali Zafar and Maya Ali are casted as lead role. The legendary Javed Sheikh and Asma Abbas are also a part of the amazing cast.

What makes the film an absolute hit? The fact that it was not released on any event like eid or new year but still it beautifully managed to reach the sky of success.

Despite facing protest from the crowd who wanted a boycott because of the Misha Shadi harassment case, Teefa In Trouble made its way successfully to the cinema houses all over the world on Friday.