The Donkey King Movie


There is hype all around the social media about the new animated movie named โ€œThe Donkeyย Kingโ€. The movie directed by Aziz Jindani performed well on the box office and made a good collection in the first week. Basically, the movie is an animated comedy movie which is targeting people of all ages as the tagline of the movie is fun for all ages. Initially, the trailer of the movie was released in September since then it got hyped.

The Donkey King looking at his costume

The Donkeyย king is the most expensive animated movie of Pakistan till date and is released under the banner of Geo films. The movie was released on the 13 October since then itโ€™s on a role.

Talking about the cast of the movie the main lead of the movie Jan Mangu is voiced by the versatile actor Jan Rambo. The fox in the movie named as Miss Fitna is voiced by Hina Dilpazeer famous from her role of Momo. There are also many others big names in the cast such as veteran actors like Jawed Sheikh, Irfan Khoosat, Adeel Hashmi, Salman Shaikh and Faisal Qureshi which are famous for their comic roles.

The story of the movie is based on a kingdom named Azadnagar.In the kingdom of Azadnagar, many animals live. Like other animals kingdoms thus kingdom is also ruled by the lion .the king lion has an advisor which is a fox and that influences the king on key decisions. In Azadnagar the donkeys are considered the lowest animals in the kingdom. The donkey Jan Mangu is one of them and he is a washerman. Jan Mangu did not have a good reputation among the kingdom and was consider foolish. The only thing he was considered useful for was carrying stuff from one place to another.

The story becomes interesting when the king due to his age factor decides to step down from his position and decides to pass his throne to his son who is the current prince. But the prince had some problem he was too much self-obsessed and carried away by his filming on social media. So the kingโ€™s advisor fox advises the king not to pass the throne to his son. But he should treat everyone equally and should bring a democratic system. After that, the election is held and Jan Mangu contests and wins the election against the prince. After that the journey of Mangu of struggling to lead Azadnagar start and went through many twists and turns.

The major criticism of the movie is that it is a political satire. As there are many moments in the movie where the democratic system of Pakistan is criticized. Moreover, the media of Pakistan is also attacked who are famous for manipulating the news. Due this movie is not considered for the kids as they are unable to understand it.

Otherwise, the animation of the movie is exceptional. And the music is pretty good. The song Donkey Raja is a big hit and able to get the attention of the people. Itโ€™s a good movie overall and it is full of comedy. So hit your nearest cinema to watch the biggest animated movie of Pakistan.