Here’s Why You NEED to Watch Parwaaz Hai Junoon!


This Eid, Pakistani cinema was booming. With at least three movies out in theaters, my family and I decided to give one them a chance and we chose Parwaaz Junoon Hai. This was mostly a joint decision because my dad is obsessed with all things aeronautical and I, in turn, am obsessed with Ahad Raza Mir. Parwaaz Hai Junoon fit our criteria and so with popcorn and drinks in hand, we made our way to our seats (with ample leg space thank God).

The movie is a tribute to the Pakistani Airforce in a nutshell while following the lives of its main characters which involves romantic complications, patriotism, and complicated family dynamics.

Parwaaz Hai Junoon Lead Cast
Parwaaz Hai Junoon Lead Cast

I sat in my seat expecting another poorly made Lollywood movie I would block out of my system later. BUT wow was I pleasantly surprised as I left the cinema two hours later. Here are all the reasons you need to go watch Parwaaz Hai Junoon. Just be wary of annoying children who cry throughout the movie and make your movie a hellish experience.

Culture diversity:Β The directors seem to have given this a lot of extra attention because the movie had Punjabi, Pathan, Balochi characters admitted to the Airforce. With Pakistan so divided on the basis of provincial lines this representation is vital.

Breaking class barriers:Β The character of Rashid Minhas whose father was a cook in the Airforce also attends the academy where only merit matters.

The perfect balance of wit without vulgar and cheap jokes:Β The storyline maintained some really funny lines delivered by Zaid who acts as the film’s comic relief.

Parwaaz Hai Junoon
Parwaaz Hai Junoon Lead Cast

Great acting by the star-studded cast:Β From our up and coming to Hania Amir to Hamza Ali Abbasi and Shaz Khan, the actors breathed life into the storyline and made us extremely invested in their lives.

Parwaaz Hai Junoon Song
Kubra Khan in Parwaaz Hai Junoon Song

Amazing songs: We are totally addicted to the movie’s catchy songs. Catch me dancing to Naache Re in the upcoming Mehndi season and bopping my head solemnly to Main Urra.

Naache Re | Parwaz Hai Junoon Song
Naache Re | Parwaz Hai Junoon Song
Hamza Ali Abbasi and Hania Amir | Lead Cast Parwaz Hai Junoon

Although there were some serious shortcomings in the script at some points, it is a movie that promotes healthy nationalism and portrays a united ideal of Pakistan rather than jingoistic ideas of treating India as the enemy which usually is what patriotic movies depend on to print money. Would definitely recommend watching this movie and we hope Hum productions continue to create content that is worth spending money on. Watch the official trailer below.

Official Trailer Parwaaz Hai Junoon