Coke Studio Brings Coke Studio Explorer

Over the years, Coke Studio has been extremely successful. The new producers, Ali Hamza and Zohaib Kazi have come up with the unique idea of Coke Studio explorer. This revolutionizing of Coke Studio will be seen in season 11 which will have a new segment called Coke Studio Explorer featuring regional singers.

The aim of Coke Studio Explorer is to diversify music. These songs will not be recorded in a closed studio but will be recorded in their original setting. The team of Coke Studio will search for hidden talent in different areas of the country including Kalash Valley, Muzafarabad and Balochistan. The team found some amazing Kalashi singers and were impressed by their talent as well as their passion for music.

โ€œThere was this one girl called Farsi Gul we met, who changed her name to Ariana inspired by Ariana Grande! Itโ€™s that drive that in this day and age, people are connecting world-over, and to capture and share their motivation, their resilience and drive is more inspiring to us now than what we say around us here in cities.โ€ Zohaib Kazi said, in an interview.

The first song โ€˜Parekโ€™ is sung by two beautiful girls from Kalash and it is recorded in the valley of Kalash. The melodious voices of the girls along with the scenic beauty of Kalash will be extremely captivating for the audience.

This initiative will not only diversify music but will also give a platform to singers from different parts of Pakistan to connect with each other.

We are eagerly waiting for season 11 and hoping to listen to some mind-blowing songs.