From Painting Walls to Singing Live with Aima Baig – Here’s the story of how Arif’s Stunning Vocals went Viral!

Remember the blue-eyed Chai Wala who became an overnight internet sensation? Well here’s how yet another talented Pakistani gem was discovered by the power of Social Media. A wall-painter Mohammad Arif was recently discovered online when a short video of him singing away as he painted with his hands, covered in white paint and lost in his own world. He went viral all over the internet when a Facebook user named Akbar tweets shared a video of this immensely talented wall painter singing different Bollywood songs like ‘Channa Merya’ and other famous Arjit Singh Songs. His beautiful 17-minute Mashup took everyone by surprise. People were quick to respond with hashtags and started calling him the #paintwala hoping to get him media attention the same way our very own #chaiwala did

His melodious and soulful voice was so captivating that people started sharing his video over and over again. Even people from India were swayed by his talent and ‘sur’ and they tagged big singers like Vishal Dadlani, Shreya Goshal and even Arijit Singh in hopes of getting this hidden talent the chance he deserved.

It was not long before the Coke Studio starlet Aima Baig took notice of his beautiful voice and told her fans that Mohammad Arif will be given a chance to perform by her side. Rumors spread amongst fans that Muhammad Arif and Aima Baig might be performing a duet on Coke Studio season 11.

Although Aima’s manager clarified this confusion by letting fans know that he would instead be performing on stage on her concert on 14th August! How cool is that? We are totally rooting for our Paintwala and we hope he gets his big break on this Independence Day. Aima Baig’s managers told the media that the theme of this concert was to infact shed light onto the hidden talented people of Pakistan and that Mohammad Arif’s performance fit right into it. Mohammad Arif is now prepping his vocals for his big day and we wish him all the best luck!