The upcoming wedding season’s most loved song – Naache re or Munday Lahore de?

The trailers of Parwaaz hai Junoon, Jiwani Phir nahi Ani 2 and Load Wedding have left us thrilled for Eid ul Azha.

The three movies have released their songs and we are in awe of the high standards that the film industry has started to set.

Naache re from Parwaaz hai Junoon and Munday Lahore de from Load Wedding are competing with each other to get the title for the best Shadi song of the year.

Naache re has been composed by Azaan Sami Khan with the vocals of Zeb Bangash and Jabbar Abbas. The lyrics have stood out but the choreography is extremely basic. It is just like Bole Churiyan or Ye Larka Hai Allah. However, the dresses of the actors are very glamorous and makes the song stand out.

On the other hand, Munday Lahore de is based on Punjab and has an extremely Punjabi Touch with Mehwish Hayat wearing a Patiala shalwar and a short shirt. Her big earrings compliment her dress and present her as a Lahori girl. Fahad Mustafa is giving the Maula Jutt vibe in the song. The song’s aesthetic aspect makes it captivating. However in terms of lyrics, we are still confused. Naache re definitely has better vocals and lyrics.

We think we will be hearing both of these songs on upcoming weddings. Start learning some of their dance moves, you’ll be needing them soon!