Bridge Collapses in Governor House


Punjab governor house lahore

As in the introductory speech, Prime Minister Imran Khan made some promises one of them was that the government will open the gates of the governor houses for the public.

In this regard, the government opened gates of the governor house Lahore which is situated in heart of the Lahore and consists of beautiful lake and animals.

governor house Lahore is opened for public

However, last ย Friday when the government advised the people to bring their food items along. An ocean of people visited the governor house but on the other hand, the amount of littering people did was very sad indeed.

ย Somewhere found emptying the tree of governor house and picking fresh fruit from them.

This Sunday when the gates were again opened for the public a bridge over the lake of the governor house collapsed. According to the officials of the governor house, People were taking selfies on the wooden bridge over the artificial lake when it collapsed due to excessive load. The bridge can bear the load of 1215 people. But the bridge was overweighted with 30 people leading to a break down of the bridge.

wooden bridge at Punjab governor house lake collapses | Source: Public TV

As theย artificial lake was not so deep, that’s why no one was injured badly and people were brought out with the help of the boat. But this tells us that it’s not the responsibility of government to feed our mind with sense. We need to be careful and responsible for ourselves and others.

If our Prime Minister invested his faith in us and made one of his prestigious place accessible to us, then it’s our moral duty to be careful and act mature when we are own our visit.