A proposal for Hefty Increase in Traffic Violation fine in Lahore

A scene of a road block in Lahore
The present-day traffic conditions

A letter sent by the deputy inspector general of police Lahore states that almost 6000 traffic violations occur each day in Lahore. These violations result in greater problems such as long hours stuck in traffic and accidents. Thus, it is needed that there is an increase in the penalty against these violations so that people are stopped from breaking the schools.

The letter sent by Inspector General of Police

Pakistan is on a ladder of high hopes and a dream of a β€˜NayaΒ Pakistan’. For many, these decisions seem like a chance to achieve that dream of a β€˜NayaΒ Pakistan’. Almost every other day some new action plan is being proposed to cater to the rising problems in Pakistan. The proposal to increase the fines on the traffic violation is one such positive action even though it has not been approved yet.

ARY announces the new traffic violations proposal
ARY news broadcast

The proposal demands a twenty times greater increase in the current fine. The motorcycles are going to be charged 2000 while cars and jeeps are going to be fined from 10,000 instead of Rs. 500 as before. Many people are happy that this may fix the traffic problems while others are apprehensive that this is asking too much of the public and will actually lead to an increase in bribes.

ARY news reports that much further decisions have also been taken to solve these increasing problems such as stern action against the huge number of underage drivers present. Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (Pemra) has also been directed to actively increase awareness through advertisements. In 2016 the chief minister Punjab even integrated cameras for stricter measures against the traffic violators. It is yet to be seen though if the measures taken are actually going to come into implementation and if yes then if they are going to help or create more problems.