Is Sham Idrees And Ducky Bhai’s War Has Finally Come To An End?

If you are regular a YouTube viewer you’re bound to have come across viewing a war between Pakistani YouTubers and social media celebrity Sham Idrees versus newly entering ‘Ducky Bhai’. Over the past 3 days, Sham Idrees and Froggy released two separate videos reiterating their stance about Saad Ur Rehman aka the ‘Ducky Bhai’ and within a few hours the latter uploaded a response and was followed by dozens of videos by other YouTubers weighing in.

Sham Idrees’ take on ‘Ducky Bhai’

The video is get deleted

Froggy weighs in

The video is get deleted

Ducky bhai’s reply

Sham and Froggy’s responses to Ducky bhai implied that they were being attacked because those criticizing are sad because they don’t have the money or a car. Wait, WTF was that I mean who says that? There’s no grace in success if you have no humility and if you rub it in other people’s faces like that.

Well, it was just a starter. After these videos, war is started and in the past three days, there were attacks on each other by both sides. Ducky Bhai initially released a video, calling out Sham and Froggy that they are so fake and their content is fraud and they are trying to manipulate the truth in these videos. Well, that was so confusing situation. Lots of their Fans were so confused that “What is going on”. But finally, after insulting each other and reporting each other pages and channels this war came to end and they announced to not to talk more on this topic anymore. We are sharing their tweets below. Take a look

The only tweets that Ducky Bhai tweeted were a little confusing however we think that these are the tweets that spurred Sham to apologize in the first place.

When Sham Idrees has officially stepped up to end the fight

There has been no response from Ducky Bhai, but only this tweet.

So we don’t know if this war is actually over, but what we know is at least Sham has taken an initiative to end the nonsense drama. Of course, you never know what happens in the DM’s, so there could be a whole other story.

Well, it’s also an assumption that they could all be working together in the interest of views. WHICH WOULD A DUMB IDEA, But – effective one.

Conspiracy theories aside, what is clear to see is that the rest of the Internet has plenty to say, including a few familiar faces.

Random comments

Regardless of what may happen, and what Ducky Bhai’s new video may be about, but it was the most ridiculous Twitter fight ever, like – ever, like – ever ever , I mean like – ever ever everrrrrrrrrr. Let’s just hope that this is the end of this bullshit.

What do you think about the whole drama fight? We Love to hear from you. Let us know what you think in the comments below! Love you all.