Muslim Student Killed in Nottingham England

Mariam Moustafa, was an engineering student aged 18. She was targeted by a group of 10 girls while she was waiting for her bus outside a shopping centre located at East Midland city. The reason for the gang being so furious was them being racist.They assaulted her to her last breath until a stranger offered helping hand.She was wet from blood when taken to hospital for medical aid and ended up in a state of coma.
Before Mariam went to coma she shared how this incident happened to her younger sister Mallak in these words “My sister couldn’t see as she’d been hit in the head but then as soon as she saw our bus coming, she ran to it,trying to get on it”

Since she was repeatedly punched by the gang her body had bruises all around and pained a lot. It was difficult for her to move. Nottinghamshire Police confirmed that she was punched several times.
The family is in die need of answer for Marian’s death.They want western media to play their part.

While western media is sleeping here is our share to bring this horrible story to the screen and raise voice for our Muslim fellow and get justice for the departed soul.

We offer severe condolences to Mariam’s family in Cario.May her soul rest in peace