Sudden Death of Our Dear Chef Tahir Chaudhry

Inna lilahi wa inna ilayhi raji’oon

Chef Tahir Chaudhary passed away last night due to cardiac arrest.He was an inspiration for several people including me. I have seen his shows quite a lot of times. I have learnt a lot from him. He was always spreading positive messages in his show, while giving duas to his viewers. His death last night was a shocking news for me. It hit me hard, that life is actually way too unpredictable.

One second you are here and the other second you are no more. He was there on the celebration of the 12th Anniversary of Masala Tv, a few hours before his death. He was all happy and peaceful. He didn’t know that this was his last interaction with his viewers and the Masala Tv family, neither did they know that they were seeing Chef Tahir for the last time.

Death is our destiny. One moment we are here and the other moment we are there. We are all living to die one day, for death and life are one. We start planning things ahead of time, while we are not even sure if we’ll be there to actually do the things that we planned. Be it a birthday, a wedding, or any other event. Planning is good but with the period of time you learn things that prove to be life changing. I learnt, that nothing goes the way you planned it, but all that happens is how Allah has planned it. And that my friend, is how it was written. That is how it was meant to happen. Nothing in this life is forever, not even this life.

But there are things that one should do before its too late. We spend most of our life pleasing others, while the only thing that matters is that we should please Allah. We should make sure that whatever we do in this life, it makes our other life easy. I am an imperfect human being. We all do things in our life that we regret later. We all make mistakes. And we do learn from them. Life is all about learning and growing. We grow with time, we move on. Eventually, the things that bother you, no more over power your mind. Time is the greatest healer. I have hurt people, but when you apologize and realize what you have done, do it from the heart. Always. So therefore, I apologize to all the people I have hurt in my life. Because there are quite a lot of them.

For having an unpeaceful death is something that no one wants. You do not get a chance to confess anything to your loved ones when you die. But you should do it while you are alive.


We all have to die alone so why do we fear living alone? We have Allah, all the time. 24/7. Why do we need any other person? Why do we find our peace and happiness on other people while being close or distant to them wont matter, all that’ll matter in the end is how happy Allah was with you. How you took out time for Him and not people. People come and go, Allah is Forever.

I dont know if I’ll be here after posting this or not. Because that’s how unpredicatable life is. Just pray that Allah gives us a good end. We die in peace without any regrets or guilts. Let us clean our hearts and let others clean their hearts from our side too.

Khud ko badlo tou apne liye, khush ho apne liye, zindagi jiyo apne liye, Allah ko apna Dost banao apne liye, akhir main apke paas apna aap aur apka Allah reh jaata hai. Aur yunhi zindagi apko sikha deti hai ke aap apne liye kafi ho. Hamesha kaafi thay. Bas samjhne main dair hogayi.

Zindagi 2 din ki hai, isko 2 asoolon pe guzaaro, milo tou phool ban kar, bikhro tou khushboo ban kar.

Allah hum ko apne Hifz o Emaan main rakhain. Humare gunnah maaf karain aur humain aik behtar insaan banane ke liye sahi raasta dikhayain. Ameen Sum’Ameen ❀