Women in Peshawar beat two men

Women are stronger as hell

Sexual harassment and street cat calling has been an issue ever since which many women have been unobtrusively bearing it. In today’s world women are being harassed in offices, streets, shops and where not.

On 30th of November a video of a lady, beating two men on the streets went viral which created a social media frenzy. The video was made in Sadar Bazaar, Peshawar. The video shows a women beating a man while the crowd (which has gathered to enjoy the show) try to protect the man. However, the women stays determined and continues to punch the man until he manages to escape the situation by dispersing into the traffic.

The women then returns to her female companion who points out another man on a motor cycle, however, he manages to escape as well. The whole scenario clearly shows that the men were culprits and must have had harassed the women which caused all the rage.

The most unfortunate part of the whole incident was the crowd standing nearby. People were just amused by the sight of men getting beaten up by women and no one tried to get involved. Furthermore, the men Yeh making the video, did not have the audacity to help but instead they were having quality time enjoying the whole scene.

We believe that serious laws should be made in order to stop sexual harassment and street cat calling.

While β€˜Tabdeeli aa rahi hai!’ women should learn from these ladies and need to step up their game in order to give a shut up call to all those who are involved in it.