Celebrities Who Inked Their Thumb by Voting

The casting of a vote is a National Duty on shoulders of every citizen. Such a pride it is to step ahead and fulfill your duty for the betterment of your homeland. Election of 2018 gave all of us to play our role in making Pakistan a better place to live in by choosing a leader of our choice. A leader who respects the position he will be appointed, who thinks about his nation and not his pocket, who has the true leadership qualities and is honest with his position with all his heart and mind.

Since 6th Hum Awards are around the corner so most of the celebrities headed toward Toronto just two days before the elections. A lot of controversies arose leading to negative comments being passed and patriotism of the celebrities being questioned. All the true followers of the celebrities who did not show up for voting were hit back by disappointment. While the ones who made to the vote camps and inked their thumbs were appraised for their deed

Here are the celebrities who showed that they are patriotic citizens by casting theΒ vote

The beautiful Maya Ali posing with her thumb
The all-time favorite couple Hira and Mani
The sister dual, Mawra and Urwa with Uzair Jaiswal
Suni Chanda hottie, Nabeel Zubairi also showed up
The happiest Sarwat Gillani
Mr&Mrs Behroz Sabzwari with son Shehroz Sabzwari
We just wonder why isn’t Saira in this perfect capture
Her smile says it all
Ali Rizvi all dressed up and looks so fresh after fulfilling his duty


These patriotic flew to their homelands to get their thumbs inked

Mawra and Urwa fle to Islamabad to cast their vote

Vasay Chaudry flew all the way back from Toronto to cast the vote. He left for Toronto again the same day so he could get done with 6th Hum Awards. His love towards Pakistan is so unconditional

These celebrities loves their Pakistan!!!