Everything That Happened On Departure Of Nawaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz

Nawaz Sharif, former Prime Minister of Pakistan left London to reach Pakistan on Thursday Night. He was accompanied by his daughter Maryam Nawaz. They are expected to reach Lahore till Friday evening.

The court announced 10 years sentencing for Nawaz Sharif and 7 years for Maryam Nawaz. Moreover Retired Caption Safdr is to be held behind bars for one year.

Here are few of the pictures that were uploaded by PML-N and went viral on the internet in no time.

Nawaz Sharif meeting his wife before he leaves Maryam Nawaz crying for the wellness of her mother

Maryam Nawaz also tweeted before leaving updating about the health of her mother Begum Kulsoom Nawaz. She said that her mother did open her eyes for a few seconds on Thursday but was so powerless and unwell that she closed them too soon. She being a concerned daughter requested for prayer for her mother’s wellness.

She did leave a message for her kids. Maryam Nawaz’s son kissing her forehead melted our heart. After all, she is a mother.

Maryam’s son was also detained by the London police for fighting and arguing with a PTI supporter. Power to the strong mother who had to leave her son during the tough time.

Maryam Nawaz in tears
Nawaz Sharif meeting one of his family member before he leaves
Maryam Nawaz seeking blessing of elder family member before she leaves
A brotherly hug just before the departure

We wish a speedy recovery to Beghum Kulsoom Nawaz. It’s not easy to fight cancer.