Khan Meter – Tracking Imran Khan’s promises

From the day Imran Khan won the general elections everyone is waiting for the change he talked about for years. Even after the victory he made promises in the victory speech and won the heart of the people.
The detailed speech he made after taking the oath as the prime minister of Pakistan became a highlight around the world.In the speech, he also presented the first 100 days plan for his government. From that time people are just waiting for the fulfillment of his promises.

For this purpose, a Pakistani living aboard made a website named as β€œKhan Meter” .The function of the website is that it is keeping the track of the 35 promises Imran Khan made in his speech.Tasks are broken into the sections such as Not started, In progress, Achieved, Broken. The Admin of the website feels that if the government starts talking about the tasks he shifts the status to in progress and if a bill or policy related to it passes he will move the task to the completed section.

The website is running a countdown for hundred days currently on day 10 just 4 tasks are in progress and 31 haven’t even started. As Imran khan focuses on accountability and making people aware. This website plays a vital role in showing his performance as a prime minister. Through this website, you will be able to recall the promises he made and what is the status regarding that. It will end your confusion that is Imran Khan only capable of giving good speeches or he is the man of his word.

So how many of you are following this application?