Reham Khan Bangs Social Media with 440 Volts

Reham Khan ex-wife of the current Prime Minister of Pakistan is trying hard to peruse her career. As after her divorce, no media channel was hiring her so she decided to start her show on Facebook live named asΒ 440 volts with β€œReham Khan”.

Also, we should not ignore her career highlights as before being the wife of Imran khan she was a British Pakistani journalist. From 2013 she is doing news shows in Pakistan. Another highlight of her life is the book she wrote about Imran Khan after their Divorce. Reham also released the book before the elections and Criticized Imran Khan and others PTI officials in it.

So due to being under a lot of controversies, she was not able to find a channel for her show. So she took Facebook to start her career again. This week in the first episode of her show she heavily criticized the Pakistan Tahreek e Insaf government. That how they are failing to deliver.

Furthermore, she highlighted the fall of the government in the initial days. She was also seen reading out a poem in the show to her audience.

Reham Khan’s Book Cover

The main goal behind his show is still uncertain but, looks like in the upcoming episodes she will highlight the mistakes made by the pioneers of Naya Pakistan. She will not let go of a chance to criticize the issues in Naya Pakistan. Moreover, she warned if someone mentioned her name they will be in trouble.

The idea of launching a show on Facebook might turn out to be beneficial because she has a large fan following of around a figure of Β 2.8 million followers on Facebook. The first episode of the show was able to get 400k view these numbers are in the favor of the show.

Here is the first live session of 440 Volts with Reham Khan…

Posted by Reham Khan on Monday, September 17, 2018