Reham Khan’s Book Just Got Launched Online And Here Is How Pakistanis Reacted To It

Reham Khan with Ex- husband Imran Khan on their wedding day

Reham Khan, former wife of PTI leader Imran Khan has been in news highlights because of several controversies but this time her not so right decision of writing her till date autobiography brought her the darkest limelight.

The e-version is available on for the readers. According to her views, she chooses Amazon as a platform to publish her book because of its authenticity and later compared it with the authenticity of her book. She is seen very confident in her words and the series of events that had been noted in the book. She cemented her belief by claiming that she is comfortable in visiting court to prove that her book is completely based on true event.

“I can prove in the court that whatever is written in the book is completely truth and I am saying this with responsibility,”

Here is the response that Reham Khan had to face … OKAY, let’s be honest and call it what it was … CRITICISM 

People found it worthless

This one will definitely make you laugh

Opppss!!!! On point

This one could have done better TRUST ME 

Some were excited too – Her true heart followers or maybe her beauty pleased them a bit too much

The e-version has flooded the news feed with controversies what do you think would it be a wise decision to publish the book.

What do you think?

Do you see the pages being a perfect bonfire flame or a masterpiece being a pride of the library cupboards