Sheikh Rasheed – The Only Pindi Boy We All Like

Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed won the election on of 2018 from NA-62 as a leader from Awami Muslim League in Rawalpindi and his victory speech just drove everyone crazy.

Sheikh Rasheed deliverying his victory speech

He collected all his supporters at the famous Lal Haveli of Rawalpindi and had a talk with his people. He said that the sanctity of the votes has been restored.As usual he delivered the best of his words with his unique fulfilled style. It’s a ritual to play songs on his every political gathering and even if songs aren’t played he shows his singing talent and sings songs which perfectly matches to the situation.

He is the only Pakistani politician who shows up for his country on all the high times. Nothing is impossible for him, from taking lift from on a bike and driving through the narrow roads of Rawalpindi to reach his destination from openly declaring on his pre elections interview about the money that he had invested for in his campaign to cursing the tenant for wasting his money on the inappropriate size of posters.

Sheikh Rasheed on his motorcycle ride to reach committee chowk


He is so proud of being a sheikh. He always mentions about his casts and says that proudly and clearly. He being a huge foodie loves to makes food a part of his every conversation be it a television talk show or a pre election campaign.

Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed did mention about Imran Khan’s victory in his speech last night followed by a welcome tweet from the leader today in which he praised his remarkable speech.

Congratulations to Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed on winning the seat he deserved this victory!!