3 Reasons why Imran Khan is my Leader ?

1) Imran Khan has a track record of sincerity to Pakistan.

The Shaukat Khanum Hospital

It was only 20 years ago that Pakistan did not have a single cancer hospital, let alone a hospital that would treat all patients regardless of their financial condition; consider Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital. The only cancer hospital where the majority of funding its annual budget of $58 million is donations. A hospital that was not sponsored by any major organization or relief fund; that treated over 150,000 patients in 2012 including over 50,000 radiation treatments. This hospital speaks more for Imran Khan than any other stump speech or campaign promise.

Moreover The final of the 1992 ICC Cricket World Cup was won by Pakistan under the captain Imran Khan who defeated England by 22 runs to lift Pakistan’s first ever World Cup trophy.

2) Imran Khan is a true role model for “moderate Muslims”.


He does not shy from referring to Islamic principles and ideals. Even before he entered politics, he wasn’t shy of referring to Islamic ideals. In an interview his response to whether he felt hopeless about Pakistan was that “hopelessness is a sin in Islam”. Over and over again, on his campaign trails, in his stump speeches, he has referred to the seerah (Prophetic history) to take inspiration for himself, and to inspire others. He talked about the Prophet ’s suffering in Makkah and how the Prophet never gave up and kept the fight for justice. On the other hand, Imran Khan’s party (PTI) includes all levels of Muslims and non-Muslims and piety and religiosity are not prerequisites to be in his party. PTI is not an “Islamist party” but when the majority of Pakistanis do take inspiration from Islam, it is important that their leader represent that strain, and not be shy about referring to Islamic principles in leadership.

3) Imran Khan has not made himself subservient to international powers.

Global powers, including the West need Imran Khan, just as much as Pakistan needs him, as a partner for peace and prosperity.