Zulfi Bukhari Appointed as Special Assistant of Prime Minister of Pakistan

Zulfi Bukhari with Rihanna and Drake

Zulfi BukhariΒ a business tycoon of London and close friend of Imran Khan. Also, one of the major donors of Shaukat Khanum memorial hospital is appointed as the special assistant of the prime minister on the overseas Pakistani. After his appointment, everyone is pointing fingers at PTI as they have appointed a person who is going under the inquiry of NAB.

Pakistan Tehreek Insaf defended their decision and said Zulfi Bukhari has skills and credentials required for the job that’s why he is selected for it. Furthermore, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf said it’s unfair to remove Zulfi Bukhari until actual references are formed against him. They assured he will step down from the position if any charges are proven against him.

Apart from outsiders members of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf also criticize his appointment Fozia Kausari said

I was advised by Imran Khan to let go my United States nationality for taking part in the intraparty elections. But now Dual national is appointed at a government post. What type of insaf is this?

On a lighter note, Zulfi Bukhari has some ties with showbiz and he was the Producer of Pakistani movie cake. After his appointment, Sanam Saeed supported him that he will do his job well.

Zulfi Bukhari with Rihana
Zulfi Bukhari Chilling with Rihanna

On the other hand, Zulfi Bukhari is seen partying with some Hollywood celebrities as well. His pictures with the rapper Drake and singer Rihanna went viral. The appointment of Zulfi Bukhari raised many questions on the merit perspective of Pakistan Tehreek Insaaf.

Zulfi Bukhari with Drake
Zulfi Bukhari Partying with Drake

So, will Zulfi Bukhari will be able to perform well up to the expectations of the prime minister?