7 Couples Reveal… Why They’re Not *Sleeping* With Each Other!

There are several reasons people stop sleeping with their partner. While some reasons are legit, some are absolutely absurd. We found this thread onย Whisperย where people are confessing why they donโ€™t share their bed with their partner. Read on and find out what they have to say.

1. Well, Whatever Floats Your Boat!

2. Comfort Comes before Cuddlingโ€ฆin bed! *Wink*

3. Maybe she likes to have the bed just to herself while sleeping…

4. You can always have sex first and then go to two different beds!

5. Uh Oh! Thatโ€™s terrible! Talk to him about it, maybe?

6. A person who sleeps well is ALWAYS happy…we agree wholeheartedly!

7. To be honest, thatโ€™s just perfect!

Well, these were quite some revelations! Hope you will have the best in your relation.