Must watch chick flicks for a girls night in!

Grab your bucket of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, a bowl of popcorn and your girl gang and get ready for the perfect night in with these amazing chick flicks. They’ll make you love, laugh, cry and most importantly they’ll have loads of cute boys (which let’s be honest is why we watch any movie)

  1. To all the boys I’ve loved before: This Netflix movie is an adaptation of the book by Jenny Han. With much needed Asian representation, this movie is just adorable. The characters are well developed and have quirks which make you fall in love with them.
  2. 10 things I hate about you: This list couldn’t be complete without this all time classic. The bad boy turned good trope is one that Heath Ledger just D E S T R O Y S.
  3. Mamma Mia: This one is to appease all the Bollywood fans reading this. With so many addicting ABBA songs, you just can’t help but sing along and dance with the characters. Mamma Mia 2 is out in cinemas and we suggest you go watch is ASAP!
  4. Devil wears Prada: In case you haven’t guessed I’m obsessed with Meryl Streep. This movie brings out the fashionista in all of us. A great watch after a session of venting about your terrible boss to your bestie.
  5. John Tucker must die:Β YAS girl power. This movie is unbelievably fun and hilarious. Plus it gives us some good ideas on dealing with no-good ex boyfriends πŸ˜‰
  6. Mean Girls: An absolute classic. My best friend has literally every line memorized. I’m convinced her gravestone will have a dialogue from it quoted. Yes it’s that good.
  7. Crazy, stupid love: Ryan Gosling. Need I say more?
  8. Queen: This movie is perfection. The right balance between funny, moving, introspective and tear jerking. Kangana Ranaut just elevates the storyline with her amazing acting.
  9. Roman Holiday: I’m a huge Audrey Hepburn fan and this movie is just great for a chill night when you’re feeling like losing yourself in the old school charm of black and white movies and pixie cuts.
  10. 13 going on 30: A feel good movie which Jennifer Garner does absolute justice.
  11. Notting Hill: Full of A list stars, this movie blows me away with its simplicity while still keeping you hooked till the end. It is one of my favorites.
  12. I feel pretty: This movie has a great body positivity message and is quite funny with Amy Schumer in it. A must watch with your friends to battle society’s unrealistic beauty standards together.
  13. Set it up: Another Netflix movie, it just makes my heart go warm and fuzzy.
  14. Before we go: Chris Evans is the perfect brooding, handsome musician. Even though the movie is not the typical love story it is just beautifully written and directed.
  15. The Big wedding: Basically the white version ofΒ anyΒ desi wedding. Big, loud, andΒ CRAZY! This one is hilarious.
  16. The perks of being a Wallflower: This is less light and fun than the others but great to watch with your group of wallflowers. Just a truly beautiful movie.