Mooroo – The Multi Talented Guy

Taimoor Salahuddin famous by the name of β€œMooroo” is a multi-talented man. He can vlog, sing, write, act, shoot, direct, edit, produce he is a complete package. He has been nominated for Lux style awards four times due to his music and production work. Apart from this, he runs a production company named as β€œAflatoon studios”.

The main highlights of his career write are his vlogs and travelogues which are able to gain thousands of views. Due to his popularity, he is contacted by brands to endorse their products in his videos.

Currently, his youtube channel has over 3 lacs followers.His creativity can be seen in his videos. The way he is able to show the product or service of a brand is remarkable. He can be considered as the master of sponsored videos in Pakistan. The way he pulls it off is incredible.

Recently he worked with Honda and made a video regarding Honda Brv showed the tour of Honda Brv in his vlogs. Moreover, he covered the annual event Mountain dew in which they invited the international bikers. He made Skardu travelogue in which he collaborated with Toyota and showed how Toyota Fortuner is an excellent option while traveling to the mountains.

In another travelogue, he sponsored the products of Mi and named the series β€œTraveling with Mi” in which he showed how their products are a great option for shooting etc. His video with Furor the clothing brand was also a great hit and gained thousands of views. Similarly, he has worked with carfirst and spice wars.

Apart from the sponsored videos, Mooroo is considered one the best Pakistani youtuber because of his videos on social issues and his sketches either serious or comedy both are praised by the audience.

Recently he launched a web series which was a big hit and people are already waiting for the next season.All these things make Mooroo a unique celebrity with so much talent.