Nadir Ali – Famous Prankster of Pakistan

The trend of youtube is increasing day by day in Pakistan.Youtubers of various categories are emerging in Pakistan.The biggest youtuber of Pakistan in terms of subscribers is Nadir Ali with has a channel with 1.7 million subscribers. Nadir Ali is also considered the leading prankster of Pakistan.He started the trend of prank videos in Pakistan he worked with various television channels in this regard.

Seeing him many pranksters came into the business with creative and unique pranks 4 pakao the channel of Nadir Ali consist of many videos and his famous pranks include donkey meat prank, gym prank, shoe prank and many others. His various pranks have millions of views and he has a strong following both on youtube as well as on Facebook.

Seeing him recently emerged pranksters are also gaining attention. A prank channel owned by a group of boys from Lahore named as Lahorefied also has a strong following of around 200k subscribers on youtube and their famous pranks include call crash prank, ghost prank etc. Similarly, there is a boy named Shahmeer Abbas who has a following of around 600k subscribers on youtube and his pranks are famous among the people due to his childish attitude and acting during pranks. Moreover, a boy named as Haris Awan also runs a youtube channel with around 280 k subscribers. He is famous because of his creative pranks videos and his prank of asking naan tiki from international restaurants gained millions of views both on youtube and Facebook.

These prank channels are a great source of entertainment and a good hobby for killing time. Some pranks by these channels are so hilarious and will make you laugh very hard.