Rukhsana Ibad: Entrepreneur, Academic and a Wonder Woman

Ms. Rukhsana Ibad

Ms. Rukhsana Ibad

Sitting in Rukhsana Ibad’s elegant drawing room, my eye was drawn towards the dining table atop which sat rows of containers covered with cloth. Unsurprisingly, it sparked my curiosity. As if raising me from my trance, she walked in and we exchanged pleasantries. With a constant good-natured smile on her face, the conversation naturally flowed and I found not an intimidating CEO of a company but a jovial woman willing to share her life with us.

Rukhsana Ibad today runs almost three businesses the most recentย of which is Le Pur Organic Skincare. However, she did not start her life imagining this to be the path she eventually took. Having studied Library and Information Science at the Masters level and even lecturing at University for a few years she never expected her life to take this direction. Instead, she was thrust into the world of entrepreneurship when she had to take over the family business which she successfully has been running for over 5 years.

She notes that her business background and family support helped shape her business ethos and also allowed her independence in finances as well as her free minded spirit. On an average day, she is running around from one end of Lahore to the other juggling masterfully the various business ventures she is a part of.

When I asked her about her managing style, she debunked the hands-on method and was adamant about the importance of delegating to a reliable team. Only with a group of qualified individuals working together can a business run like a well-oiled machine according to Rukhsana Ibad.

Despite theย manyย businesses she is a part of, Rukhsana Ibad claims that Le Pur Organics is entirely unique to her life. It was (ironically similar to its name) an organic addition to her life. It was not something she was nudged into by virtue of family but rather something that started as a passion project. Facing her own skin problems and disillusioned by expensive chemical ridden cosmetics, she decided to research organic skincare and make her own concoctions. As she delved deeper into the world of organics she was struck by how many benefits it had and she aimed to help other people with her knowledge and capabilities. Thus, the then-unnamed Pure organic products were dissipated amongst friends and family until Miss Rukhsana decided to expand the brand and reach more people.

Le Pur Organics

What struck me was that the woman who sat in front of me, although from a business family, was not one who started Le Purย Organics with a profit motive in mind. She was a woman who wanted to educate the masses. Recounting the hard work and toil that goes into making even a single bar of organic soap, she led me over to the ominous dining table where she revealed intricate soap bars which she made from her own researched formulaย by hand. I marveled at her dedication to doing such time and labor intensive work along with the many other things she did. And her line doesn’t just end with soaps. She has a vast variety of different products each of which she gives the amount of meticulous attention to. The care in each of these handcrafted products shows that this is more than just another business to her, it isย everything.