Tips to Pack Light – Some Expert Tricks to Travel with Ease!

The worst part of any traveling trip is when you have to sit down and pack your luggage. When you leave to the last minute you almost always end up stuffing in more things than you actually need. A heavy luggage that isn’t well organized can be a hassle throughout your trip but don’t worry cause we’ve got some expert tips to help you pack light and travel with ease and style!

Make a listΒ 

Making a list of what you need before you pack is important

Before you start cluttering your luggage with things haphazardly, you better sit down and think. Make a list of all the essential things you will be needing for your trip. Divide your clothes into day-to-day outfits and put all that down on a piece of paper before you pack. Once you’ve listed all the things you need you can start eliminating the items you may not use after all.

Put all your Essential Toiletries in Clear Bags


Use clear bags to put your toiletries in

Using clear bags helps you identify things easily when you need them. Also since you need your toiletries more often it is much easier to locate what you need and quicker rather than going through your entire bag that causes your luggage to get very cluttered while you’re moving from place to place when you travel. Clear bags are also easy to slide into your luggage bag and take up less space compared to keeping the bottles and tubes separately.

Put all your important documents in one place

Put all your cards and documents in a wallet

Keep a Wallet with you that has multiple pockets so that all your important documents can be preserved in one place. This helps you to keep your cards, passport, Plane ticket, cash and keys well organized and within your reach at all times plus it saves space in your bag too.

Keep a file case for work-related items

Use a file case to organize work-related items

If you keep work journals or you need to carry a notebook, pen and your reading glasses or even your tablet that definitely buy a multi-pocket file case. It really helps to keep all these items in one place and saves up a lot of space for other things.

Make-up bags are lifesavers

Put all your make-up in Make-up Bag

Don’t let your cosmetics make a messy clutter in your luggage bag. Instead, put all the make-up products that you need in a makeup bag so that it keeps your delicate products safe and saves up space inside your bag.

Re-use old Containers

Put your creams into old Lenses containers

One brilliant trick to carry less is to transfer your foundation or cream concealers from huge bottles to small old containers like those for your lenses.

Roll up your clothes to save space

Roll up Clothes to make room for more

The trick to making more room for clothes is to roll them neatly and stack them in an organized manner. This way there’s more space for other things in your luggage bag and keeping each roll separately also helps to pick out clothes quickly instead of going through piles of clothes every time.